Why You Should Schedule a Bridal Session

July 1, 2015

Your wedding can seem like such a fleeting moment. You spend the day being shuffled from one place to another and being pulled this way and that. Do you really have time to soak in every detail? Do you even have a moment to stand in front of the mirror and admire that white dress you’ve been dreaming about for years? As brides, we spend so much time & money finding the perfect gown and we only get to wear it for a few hours. Seems like a waste to me

I am so passionate about changing this — I want my brides to have an extra reason to be pampered and feel beautiful.
That’s why I’m offering $50 off any 2 hour Bridal Session for July-September!

What is a Bridal Session? Well, a Bridal Session is a time for only the Bride to get dolled up in her wedding dress and have solo portraits taken. And when you schedule one of these sessions, you have the opportunity to wear that beautiful gown more than once! If you’re a little girl at heart like I am, then you know you’ll take excuse to play dress-up 🙂 You have so much freedom to style the shoot how you want and you could even incorporate something into the shoot that may be very personal or intimate. A lot of brides use this as an opportunity to schedule their hair/makeup trial to make sure they’ve found the right look. I will use full discretion, of course, so your husband-to-be doesn’t accidentally see the pictures of you in your dress before the big day! And this isn’t just for the brides-to-be. This is for the Mrs. who may have gotten married recently and wants to bask in bridal glory a little longer. Or for the brides who didn’t get the images they wanted during their wedding day.

Going back to the beginning of May, I photographed a styled bridal session with Kira McCarthy. And today is her birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRA 🙂 Kira is a real bride getting married this September! Below, she has shared why she believes every bride should schedule a Bridal Session! Take a look:

“Hi there!  My name’s Kira and I had a Bridal Session done for me by the lovely Anna Kardos.  I’ll be honest, I never considered doing a Bridal Session before I entered Anna’s contest.  However, after I was chosen and had my shoot, I am so, so glad that I did it! Here’s why: First off, us brides pay A LOT of money for our wedding dresses, especially if we’re just going to wear it once.  Why not have another day to flaunt your stuff in one of the best outfits you’ll own in your life!?  I loved being able to wear my dress for another purpose, and not just because I was trying it on for the zillionth time in my room.  

Also, Bridal Sessions give you a chance to feel glamorous and gorgeous aside from on your actual wedding day.  You can have your hair and makeup done and have people oooh and aaah over how beautiful you look (and, trust me, they will because you’ll look so fantastic!).  Finally, and probably most important to me, I think that Bridal Portraits are such a sweet gift to give to your spouse-to-be.  You can make a photo book of your pictures to give to your spouse as a small wedding gift.  If you get creative with your shoot, you can tell them a story, or just give them a chance to see you, in your dress, but on a different day and in different scenery.  Heck, you can even mix it up with some different jewelry, a different hairstyle, and even different style of makeup (wait, spouses pay attention to that stuff, right?).

Anyway, for someone who never considered having a Bridal Session before, I am 100% SOLD on the idea.  I had such a wonderful experience with mine, and am so thankful to have the gorgeous pictures to show it.  Hey, you’re a bride now, so why not own it!”

Kira makes a great point – These images could make such a special gift for your spouse and I LOVE the idea of trying out a different hairstyle. The reasons for WHY you should schedule a bridal session are endless and I personally wish I would have done one! If you’re interested, fill out the form below and go check out my Bridal Session Pinterest Board for inspiration!

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